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Originally Posted by early mornin' smokin' View Post
thanks guys! i've never personally run one, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.things like 1 stack or 2, full open, throttled down. I'm clueless. but way too excited, I leave 4am tmrw morning to take the trip upstate.
The best way I know to adjust the stacks, is to close them both, then turn the handle back and count the revolutions it makes until it stops, and is fully open. Then bring them to fully closed and count again to see if it is the same as when you opened them, which it should be. Now turn them one full turn, or whatever you feel will do the job on both sides. Now play with this until you are satisfied with the temps making sure to give it enough time to adjust its self, keep in mind that may take some time since they are built very heavy with a lot of metal that will need some time to level out. It will take awhile before you get over the learning curve and can adjust the intakes with the exhaust to get where you like it. By counting how many revolutions you get and dividing by 4 you then know when you are at 1/8. 1/4, 1/2. 3/4 ect, A weed burner will help get the temp up faster, just be careful not to hit the shelves with it they will warp.

Most will tell you to leave the stacks wide open but I have talked to several that own them, and we all agree they need some adjustment not normally done on other smokers. Remember a long burn is not the goal just an efficient one. Lots of things will make a difference as to how it will burn, these you will learn. Its not the destination, its the journey that will make it worth your while Grasshopper. Don't forget to grill Jay at Spicewine before you leave, on technic he is the Man.
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