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Originally Posted by Pasmadj View Post
Hello. I have seen that concept also, and I think it looks pretty ingenius. My concern is that you have to remove the support brackets if you need access lower than the top rack. So it seems like it would be tough to add coals or water, or switch racks, etc.
If I did mine with the shelve rack I would see about using bolts or something cut down to fit in the slots not sure yet. Of course it helps that I can have items made at work in our shop.

For adding coal or water if needed I cut a door on the side and bought the brinkman small latch door. Big mistake as I dont need it. Something I didnt think out to well as I have yet to add coals or use the water pan. But its there if I ever need or want but I wont and can add to each with ease.

Just about home from the last 2 weeks of racing and I will be contacting smokerking on a couple diffsuer plates though.

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