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Originally Posted by Willie G View Post
So far, the advice I agree with the advice that has been given to you. On this end of the Commonwealth we have a festival that we have worked for ten years now. As far as sides go, we buy them at Sam's.....not enough help or time to make them on our own. Then pre package them like stated earlier.
We used to sell our event we were required to buy them from Pepsi and the event set the price at $1.50 for a 16 OZ. We made a huge mistake our first year and over ordered. We eventually evolved into this....we offer lemonade, sweet, and un-sweet tea. We do still caryy bottled water. The lemonade and tea is made by us and there is a huge profit margin. Think about it.
Thanks Willie. I am buying my slaw locally so i dont have to try and make it there... I also plan on packing it in small bowls with lids and storing on ice in a couple coolers.... The beans I am going to make on site,Well make is a streach. I just kick up some Bushes baked beans my own way... Again just to try and keep it simple.

They are selling coke cans at the show and I can buy for $8 a case so ill just buy a few at a time. HOWEVER I like your idea with the tea and lemonade! something to think about! Thanks man!! Im gonna test run a case or ribs Saturday so we will see how it goes.
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