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Originally Posted by gaspipe1 View Post
I have a 3 rack system, the lowest for a water pan. From the lowest rack to the top of the drum is 16 1/4". From the lowest rack go up 6" and drive a hole for the middle rack. Then 11" up from the lowest rack, for your highest rack.

With this system I have been able to smoke just about anything including a turkey w/ a water pan. Good Luck!

BTW just my 2 cents, I won't use a water pan or diverter anymore. I would use it for beans or a side. Last time I used my smoker, I made 3 racks of BB ribs. And water was dripping out of the intake pipe. So I no longer use a water pan, BUT I was told to use one if I am smoking ONLY breasts (chicken or turkey) otherwise it does not need it.
Thank-you very much for the detailed response.

So, you have 5" above your middle rack, and 5 1/4" above your top rack (minus the lid?). Is that enough space for butts on both racks?

I am struggling with the "no water pan or diverter" concept. I am telling myself to just try it out and see for myself. But, indirect heat is so engrained in me, and I can't believe that having coals directly below the meat, doesn't violate the "indirect" concept. Also, many people talk about how the meat cooks faster in a UDS. Does that mean it is more of a high-heat cook, and not low-and-slow?

Have you ever tried just a diverter - instead of the water pan?
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