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I am definitely a frequent handwasher while in the kitchen and soap is a must everytime.

However, I saw a local news report a few months ago that really shed some new light on handwashing.
The report was on the effectiveness of anti-bacterial soaps. To test the soaps, they made a bacterial soup for the test personell to dip their hands in. Then the testees washed their hands, one with regular soap, one with anti bacterial soap, one without soap (just scrubbing and water) and one didn't wash at all.
After washing, they all had their hands swabbed, and the swabs were used to start cultures. After some length of incubation the cultures were shown on TV as to the effectiveness of the soaps.

Anti-bacterial soap, regular soap and water only had only trace amounts of cooties growing in their petrie dishes. Basically the results were identical.
The lesson I took from it was that the scrubbing and thorough rinsing were really where the cleaning took place. Don't think that just because you used a squirt of soap that you can rush things and still get your hands clean.
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