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Default Rack Heights - Need Advice

My first UDS build is in process. I have the drum, and I am removing the powder paint so I can apply high temp primer and finish coats.

I have read A LOT in this thread. So at this point, I could just dive in and make something that would be very good. Also, I could overthink every detail to the point of paralysis. I am trying my best to use the KISS principle, and I recite my favorite statement from this thread: "After all, it is a UDS!"

I want to mount all of the hardware before I paint, so I am thinking through options for cooking grate heights.

I will initially use the flat, no-hole lid. I like the idea of modifying the drum for a kettle lid. But, I can't weld, and I don't have more than a serious handyman's set of tools - none for body-working / metal working.

I want to have the ability to use 2 racks for ribs, and butts. I also want to be able to smoke a big turkey (knowing I will only be able to use 1 rack).

I will put in mounting bolts for a diverter / water pan. I look forward to cooking some 'cue with and without a diverter. I see the logic both ways.

Can someone recommend racks heghts - with respect to the underside of the lid?

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