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FYI...From an email I received yesterday about the Myrtle Beach event:

" First let me thank all of our past participants that have supported OMAR Shrine Temple, WE THANK YOU!!!

Illustrious Sir. Jimmy Day has again given me the opportunity to serve on his staff to work with the BBQ Teams. We look forward to seeing each and every one again this year. This year’s event will be a little different than the years past, this year we will not be judged or sanctioned by KCBS or SBN. Plans are to use one person off of each team if possible or a local celebrity to help with the BBQ judging, “example” if we have 24 teams will ask for a member from teams 1-12 to judge teams 13 thru 24 and one member from teams 13 thru 24 to judge teams 1 thru 12. Please visit the web site and you will see the registration form for team signup. If you have already mailed in your form we would really appreciate if you would print and complete the latest form and send it in again. . Sorry for the inconvenience and if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Omar office at 843-971-0131 or John McClary at 803-793-7308 or
Also click on the site map link to see the field layout for this year(we are across the road). As you will see the electrical service will/may be limited. No one will have a dedicated 20 amp service for large RV’s. I would advise if you have a small generator I would load it up!!!

Please if you have a friend that may want to join us this year, we can use the help to get the word out.

Thank you Again!
John McClary "

Redneck Scientific Competition BBQ Team
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