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Originally Posted by Vince RnQ View Post
In 2011, the KCBS Rules Committee suggested that comment cards be modified so that there were check boxes that said things like:

Too Salty
Too Sweet
Too Spicey
Under Seasoned
Off Flavor
Over Cooked
Under Cooked

This idea was never addressed to the best of my knowledge but it sure seemed like a very good improvement to those of us on the committee.
And a section for things they put on comment cards but shouldn't
  • Meat was too cold
  • Didn't have more than 6 pieces
  • Didn't have pulled in the pork box
  • Didn't have slices in the pork box
  • Didn't have burnt ends in the brisket box
  • Was really, really good but I never give 9s (the "new england" option)
  • Was really, really bad but I never give under a 7 (the "southern state" option)
  • Portions too small to put in my cooler
  • I don't eat [check all the apply] chicken, pork, beef
  • I don't like smoked meat

Seriously, I think the pull tab is a good idea - or just put the team number at the bottom and tear it off. No need for special paper. There aren't a LOT of comment cards, so wouldn't be a lot of work for the reps. I also think check boxes would be helpful, but should include compliments as well as negative things to encourage the judges to use them for things they like too
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