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Ok I'm now retired from competition cooking. I'd still like to keep a hand in. If you have a new team or are cooking backyard and are good cooks already I might be able to help you jump up the standings in the pro division. Been competing since 2001. I've taken classes from some of the biggest names in. BBQ. I took what I learned and applied it to how I cooked. I don't want to tell you how to cook or what flavor profile to use. I can offer suggestions on things you can try to tweak what you do. All I ask is you feed me, provide a room or comfortable place to sleep and gas for the car. I don't want to trim meats or cook all night. I will bring my knives and few few things you might want to try using for a cook. For Florida teams the cost would be minimal.

Can't promise you will win but I can promise you will get some tips in process that will help you to improve. Pm me if interested.
Retired competition cook. BBQ mentor.
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