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Originally Posted by Hardluck View Post
Pork Sandwich $4
Ribs full rack$20
Ribs Half Rack$12
Ribs 3 bone$6
Dinner - 3 bones, pork, slaw, baked beans and bread with a drink$10
None of the prices are set in stone.... Thoughts?
This is just my personal opinion, and I realize regional differences in price expectations by customers can drive the final price, but I would increase the PP Sammie to $5 and the Dinner to $12 (that's a LOT of food on that plate and more time expended to plate it up).

I base this on what we charge here. We no longer offer a "Dinner Plate" since people were always wanting to change up the menu item mix on us which slowed down our plating and delivery times. We sell everything separately priced. We will "plate up" their order as a "dinner" but the menu items are charged out individually.

Here are the menu items we offer:
1. PP or Brisket Sammie (approx 6 oz of PP/Brisket) $6
2. Sides (approx 4 oz) $1
3. Drink (can/bottle) $1 (limited selection of canned sodas and 20 oz water)
4. Ribs - your prices are in line with what we charge for catered events, as long as your costs are such that you are making the desired margin at those prices I would say you are okay

We have never had anyone balk at the $6 Sammie price since we are generous with the 6 oz serving size. And most folks don't realize how much 6 oz of meat is until they see it spilling out around the bun. We use 3.5" burger buns so it makes the amount of meat look even LARGER. All Sammies served dry with bottles of sauce available for those who want a wet Sammie.

We keep everything at even dollar amounts for ease of calculating total bill and making change. (that way we don't need coins for making change )

You are on the right track. Don't let the details overwhelm you. Be sure to enjoy the experience!!
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