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Originally Posted by Hardluck View Post
I have done a handfull of cooks for money but im entering in to a world I know nothing about. I was asked to set up at a local festival that is pretty big. I need to know the best way to hold my food at safe temp without drying or overcooking(butts and ribs). also best way to hold slaw? on ice ot in a refrig? I have no idea how much food to even cook? I may be in over my head here... any help would be great!...

I have already talked to local health department,My Insurance company and state IRS. and I will be insured with liscense and HD inspected before I start!
Gotta ask, WHY?

I know everybodys gotta start somewhere but why on earth would you do a festival having zero experience?

I gotta believe once you talk to your HD you may see the light as to why this is left up to the professionals.
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