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Originally Posted by bbq.tom View Post
Hance (Lake Dogs) designed a comment card with pre-populated comments that could be checked off to indicate the situation - both good and bad. Sure would great to see his idea again!

If you listen to the July BOD meeting you will know/understand the concerns over the comment cards and how the REPS efforts would increase to make them work.


We can search around and find what I'd come up with a while back.

The problem, as I see it, is two fold:

1. Judges perspective: It's time consuming to fill out and frankly a pain in the butt

2. Cooks perspective: Is only useful if it's accurate

What, a comment card be inaccurate? Say it's' not so. Well, I've received both positive and negative comments on my card, but the ones that drive me batty are those that suggest that the meat was undercooked and falling apart, or overcooked and tough, etc. etc.

I'm of the opinion that they should be short, sweet, and to the point. And, this can be done by a check box system, by category:

Tenderness, is too:
_ tough _ dry _ crunchy
_ mushy _ greasy
_ grainy/gristle _ fatty

Taste, is too (or tastes like):
_ bland _ spicy/hot _ smokey
_ salty _ burned _ off-taste
_ sweet _ fuel/petroleum _ saucy

etc. I had a system that was pretty close (much better than above) a while back. Let me see if I cant find it.

I think the check box system would facilitate speed for judges and give the cooks specific feedback without the B.S.

Below is some that I said earlier:

For a long time I've been a fan of check-box comments, because knowing some of this could/would be helpful (IMHO). I mean, as a cook, I'd like to know. Probably the easiest would be tenderness:
Mushy Tough Rubbery Crunchy Greasy Dry Fatty

Taste might be:
too salty too sweet bland petroleum too spicy/hot off-taste too smokey too saucy

Appearance, probably not. It's purely subjective as to what the individual finds appetizing. They either do, or dont.
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