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One of the reasons it is so difficult to find good BBQ in restaurants, is that the very nature of BBQ is variable. And if you have one person, using one piece of equipment, you can get consistency, but, you cannot cook enough meat to really make a good profit. There are ways to try and combat that, but, it ends up being that you have to make some concessions to your BBQ.

A lot of places have their rubs made for them, this adds consistency, but, the recipe is not exactly like making it fresh each time. Same goes for sauce.

Burning wood is irregular, and getting it consistent, both from morning to night, and summer to winter, is extremely challenging. This is one of the reasons you see a lot of gas or electric smokers, they are, by nature, more consistent. Then you can use pellets for smoke flavor, again, far more consistent.

All restaurants fight for consistency, and it is hard to maintain, no matter what. You end up having to rely on suppliers a whole lot. It is truly difficult.
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