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so milage - you said 3.5 hrs - so 7x60=420. 420/20=21 gallons. 21x4=.

Ok after food, drink, everything else, you will have $150ish invested in your quest for a discount. msrp (about) on a lbge is $850, which at least in my neck of the woods is $800 plus they usually throw in some gimmies (fire starters, ash tool, and bag of lump). $750 versus $800. Just buy it new. Which is what I did 2 days ago.

If you want to save pennies, wait till an eggfest.
Ok, perhaps rough numbers and not fair, but you have to ask yourself what you want, and what the warranty is worth to you. I valued it.

That said, now for the depressing part. I fully intend to make my own table, so I did not include a nest in the price. I am getting busy at work, so no clue when I will build that table - and until I do, I have an egg tied upright so it can not fall over, but can not be used either. I highly suspect that in the course of events, I will end up roughing out my table to get cooking, then finishing in a couple months. I mean really, I don't need a table top - just 4 boards to hold the egg in place. Shelving, that can wait too. Bet I can make a working skeleton so I can be cooking before November... Or I might just pick up a couple to 2x4's and make an egg crate for it.

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