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I am a judge and I like the comment cards, I think it shows respect to the cook teams if you score them down if you can give them a reason for your score. I once gave a team a comment card for a score of 9 9 8, because it was a great rib but just a little too overdone. A checkbox list of comments would be ok, but might get tiresome if it has too many options to look through to find the comment you want.

As far as the team number on the comment card, this is my idea. I borrowed the card image posted by Rich Parker, (thanks), because I could not find an image online. I understand that just using a marker to black out the alternate number the writing or imprint can still show through so that doesn't work how about this:

The reps would write the team number to the side of the alternate number and just take a simple paper punch and punch out the area of the alternate number, example below. This example uses addition of 111 to the actual team number for the alternate number. This would allow use of the current comment card with no change and obliterate the alternate number. Just a thought.
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