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i dunno, i should prolly stay out cuz i'm an ass and what do i know, but here are my simple thoughts....

comment cards aren't that useful...

1)when your cook ain't that great, ya damn well know it already.
2)if you get 999986, we can't call out that judge who gave a 6 publicly to write a card. they'll never score honestly again(re-educated through tracking, maybe). and would YOU change your cook because of it anyway? me? no.
3)seasoned cooks know what they are doing, too salty, dry, too tender, they knew it already before the it hit the judges. unseasoned cooks are still learning and their scores will reflect that OVERALL.

if a rookie cook gets 5 sevens and 1 five, and the comment card on the 5 reads too salty, they may reduce the salt, when the other 5 judges liked the salt level and the one judge was off base.

i dunno, thats just me. when banging food went into the box i knew it. when mediocre food went into the box i knew it too. the scoring directly correlated.
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