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Washing in a 3-compartment sink: A three-compartment sink must be used when using a sink to wash dishes and equipment. The order is scrape the dishes, wash in detergent (110F), rinse in clean water (110F), dip in sanitizing solution (follow manufacturers directions), and air dry.
Always store utensils and plates in a clean dry place. For glassware, store bottom up in a clean dry area.

Chemical Sanitizing: Approved chemical sanitizers such as chlorine, iodine, and quaternary ammonium. The effectiveness of chemical sanitizers include:
Concentration: Product directions state the amount of sanitizer to add to water.
You must have a water test kit to measure the concentration of sanitizing solutions during use.
A minimum of 50 parts per million of chlorine mixed with water
A minimum of 12.5 ppm of iodine mixes with water

A minimum of 200 ppm of Quaternary ammonium mixed with water.

Temperature: Sanitizer an approved chemical and water solution should be at a temperature of at least 75F.

Contact time: Sanitizing solutions need to make contact with surfaces for at least 10 seconds.

Believe this or not, regulations state that you may not wash your hands in your three compartment sink!
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