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Originally Posted by jimstocks53 View Post
Sounds like John-boy has an axe to grind - not sure I trust anything he says as Aaron's wannabe competitor. Even so, good luck to him and I might try some pickle juice next brisquet.

Obviously you are entitled to your opinion about John, but I can tell you that you are mistaken. John left Franklin on good terms. He was the cook at Franklin and spent a number of months training his replacement. Had there been animosity when he left, it would have been a sudden departure.

As far as his food goes, I have never had better. Yesterday I had about 2 lbs of brisket, turkey, ribs, guts, and every one of them was cooked to perfection. I have cooked brisket with only salt, pepper and garlic, and had excellent results. John isn't saying that it isn't good. He only stated that he has never cooked a brisket using only salt and pepper.

Go by and see him some time. He is a great guy. You won't spend more than 20 minutes waiting in line, you will probably enjoy some free beer, and I will bet you that you will find it the best BBQ in Austin.
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