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heres some clarifications in BLUE

Originally Posted by TheJackal View Post
OK. That stinks. Thought we were going to get 10 contests in for TOY scoring but not so (not that it matters but wanted to see how we fared with a full 10 contests counting). So now I have some questions.

When we decided to have the contest after all, we were inside the 90 days required for KCBS so we sanctioned with MABA and BBQ Brethren, which ARE recognized by the Jack And AR.

CBJs? percentage?

We are currently 100% CBJ. We will know final % at the contest because we never know who will not show up. We do have extras onsite to cover no shows, but we always look for 100% CBJ. Additionally, Judging refreshers are ALWAYS given from at 9AM to 11am the morning of judging.

I see the scoring is different. What program is being used. Do we just have someone entering scores in a spreadsheet? Lot of talk recently about scoring lately so just curious. Should we expect team printouts?

Do all 6 scores count? I do not see anything in scoring about dropping the lowest score.

We drop the lowest score. Our scoring system was professionally written in C# and Visual Basic over the course of almost 2 years of testing. Its not a basic spreadsheet and yes you will get a printout. Differences are: Scoring uses half point intervals and texture tenderness is weighted highest.

Rules say 'yes' but I would like confirmation on these:
Are 7 samples going to be required with each entry?

By the BBQ Brethren rules, 7 samples are required in the boxes. This was done to give the table captain a sample just in case a judges score does not make sense, he or she will then have something to sample before reporting to the reps, and it also makes it easier for a judge to be assigned table captains. However, we have taken team feedback from other BBQ Brethren events into consideration and during the cooks meeting the contest reps will discuss with the teams allowing 6 pieces for chicken ONLY.

Returning to 6 pieces is on the list for the rules committee for a possible change next year.

Are beef ribs going to be accepted in the beef category?

BBQ-Brethren category is a BEEF category, not Brisket. It can be Long Bone short Ribs or Brisket, or a combination of each.

The ribs must be Long Bone Short ribs (A.K.A Dinosaur bone). A minimum 3 bone rack must be cooked complete and ON the bone and sliced off for turn in.

Long bone Sandwich. :)

Also, I sent out an email update and cooks packet last week to email addresses on the applications. If anyone needs a copy send me your email address or ask your 'chief cook' as listed on the app, they should have received it.
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