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Originally Posted by thunter View Post
Pickle Juice? Really? Sometimes I think these guys just say things to throw people off. If you do put pickle juice on the brisket, I think it would have the same effect as mustard... nothing other than a binding agent for the rub. Now, if you inject with pickle juice, I think the results would be a bit more noticeable... and I for one, don't think I would want to notice that! Just saying.
Yeah, I tend to agree. A slather just helps the rub to bind to the meat and little else. The only thing that I think really makes any difference is oil. The spices in a rub each contain their own unique oils which are oil soluble and when they are introduced to an oil slather they're released more efficiently. Johnny Trigg likes to use peanut oil on his ribs and allows the rub to sit and liquefy with the oil for an hour before he puts the meat on his pit. To get back on topic however, Aaron Franklin just takes his brisket from it's packaging and uses the moisture already on the meat, (basically blood) as a binder for his simple SALT AND PEPPER rub. This guy cooks about eighty to a hundred briskets a day, I don't think he gets carried away with slathers and special spice blends! LOL!
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