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Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
For those questioning the usage of pickle juice & mustard slather...

I have no knowledge on Franklin's usage but I can attest that it's good stuff..

Paul Kirk has a mustard slather recipe called "Art Brown's Mustard Slather" that he noted came from a now defunct KC BBQ joint from the '70's called Brown's BBQ.

In addition to mustard, was pickle juice, hot sauce and worstershire sauce.

It was, and still is, my favorite slather.... The hard part was that if you cook more briskets faster than you eat pickles, you have to spend extra of pickles !!!
or you can just make these pickles and save the drained bine.

Sweet & Hot Pickles
This recipe comes along with the name from a tavern in south Texas that served these along with their BBQ. The tavern is long lost to history but the recipe lives.

One gallon of whole sour pickles (suggest Best Made Brand sour pickles Available at Walmart)
One four pound bag of sugar (2.5# for less sweet)
One two ounce bottle of Red Pepper sauce like Tabasco or Trappys
One twelve ounce can of jalapeno slices

Drain the pickles and discard the sour brine.

Cut the pickles into slices or spears or whatever suits you.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the sugar, Red Pepper sauce and the juice from the jalapenos.

Alternately spoon sugar mixture and pickle & jalepeno slices back into the jar untill it's all in there which takes a little pushin' and
packin' towards the end.

During the next couple of hours, turn the jar over every few minutes to agitate the sugar and help it disolve.

The pickles will give up enough new brine to totally disolve the sugar over the next couple of hours. Stick'em in the 'fridge
and in a couple of days they'll be ready!

They should stay refrigerated when not actually gettin scarfed!
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