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Originally Posted by daninnewjersey View Post
While I don't have a "joint", I do sell in a farmer's market every week. Runs from 8:30AM-12:30PM during the summer. I only sell ribs and had the same thoughts you are having now. What I did was to cook samples and hand them out to everyone I knew..kinda getting the word out for not a lot of $. Did this for a few weeks before opening. If your cooking is good....the word spreads. Then all I did was start small and prayed people would buy. Well, it sold out the first time (not a huge 15 racks).

The next week I added a little more and had the same result. Slowly, I built from there. Sure, there is no guarantee of selling them but over time people started talking. My point is...start small. When you run out people feel like they missed the boat. You simply tell them then need to get there earlier since you can only make so much. Eventually....they show up earlier and earlier. I now have people that buy ribs at 8:30AM
Feel free to PM me if you want more info....
Thanks for the offer but No No No, not thinking of going in business.. Just was curious as to how it all happens considering the amount of time it takes to BBQ with the thought of potential waste vs lost revenue..

Thanks everyone for enlightening me on this.
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