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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
I cooked almost 1000lbs of brisket with Aaron last year at meatopia... he mixed his rub in a 5 gallon pail right in front of me..

salt & pepper. That was it.. 45 briskets, cooked on a double lang using oak. He did spray the briskets during the cook.

it was a peoples choice event with over 100 chefs cooking their specialties.

Aaron won.
I have known John since 2010, when I met him at Smokin in Mesquite. He is a great guy who will help most anyone. I know that he likes to help people cook better BBQ, and even gave another team some advice and sauce at a contest. If he says he has never cooked a brisket with salt and pepper (only), you can take that to the bank. That is not to say that Aaron doesn't do it that way now, but John didn't do it that way when he cooked there.

John is a guy who wants to cook the best product that he can. He doesn't buy premade/precooked products. Everything served at la barbecue starts out raw and unseasoned.

John is able to give advice because there is more to cooking than just the recipe. The spices are just part of the equation. A good cooker is critical, but there are some skills that the cook must possess.

I consider John a very strong competitor at a contest. He was wearing out his shoes at awards in Mesquite last time I was there.
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