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Anywho, at supper tonight we were all talking about how baked beans are OK, but just don't cut it for us country boy Okies. Rather, for BBQ and fried catfish, pinto beans must always be served.

I know I know, it's a local cultural thing. I'm not saying better, just sharing the idea to our Northern Q'ers.
You're right Leebo, it is a cultural thing. Here in the midwest, a pot of beans as you describe (any variety is acceptable, not just pintos) isn't a sidedish, its dinner, served with cornbread.
Baked beans are a sidedish.

I agree that there's nothing like a good pot of beans, I prefer great northerns or big ol' butter beans, but pintos are pretty good to.
I have made Q beans from scratch, but 99% of the time I'm a can opening kind of guy. I like my beans with Q to have lots of brown sugar, some chili powder, onion, bacon and liquid smoke. Just what I grew up on and continues to tickle my tastebuds.
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