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Are 'your' store bought Baked Beans the same as Heinz?
Carbon Toe, I have a close friend who is originally from GB, Heinz Beans and HB are the two foodstuffs from home he still pines for (He's 35 now and came over when he was 16).

We have what we call "pork and beans" which are quite similar but have too much pork flavor according to Shane, other than that, the tomato sauce is quite similar. The "too much pork flavor" is funny to me because it can only come from the small 3/4" square piece of pork fat that's added to each can.
We also have many varieties of baked beans that have lots of sugar, molasses, onion, smoke flavors added.

Shane says he can now occasionally find Heinz beans here, but they're made to meet the demand of Briton's in Canada, and aren't always available.
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