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Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
Be careful.
If you believe heat over time kills all harmful bacteria, you won't be with us for as long as you should be.

Op, I agree with Boogie...your nose is a very efficient piece of equipment, and helped us get to where we are today.
I'd use it.

Buccaneer, you might very well be right, I sure ain't no expert food scientist that is fo' sho'!! But I would cook 'em and eat 'em prolly, but that's just me. Now that is unless and of course they were really stinky as suggested by others. At that point, I think my "gross out factor" would over-ride my "hate to throw 'em out - they cost alot of money" urges . . . .

Again, YMMV for sure . . . . At the end of the day, unless "resources" were very tight, the safest thing to do would be toss 'em in the trash.
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