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Default BBQ Joint Question

The BBQ restaurant talk on here has me curious.. The way I see it it would be dang near impossible to plan how much of what for the next day.. Do too much you run the risk of a huge wasted food and wasted money, do too little and your doors are closed at noon as you cannot make a customer sit there for 12 hours until his pulled pork is done.. Unless you are like Franklins whereas you are sure everything pulled off the pit is gonna sell and even after careful planning and forecasting there are just gonna be days with waste effecting your bottom line.

Up here in the land of no BBQ a new little trailer BBQ opened up with a cool log framed in picnic table area to eat. Ive tried to eat there a handful of evenings and every evening a little sign on the gate reads "OUT OF FOOD".. So I assume he is doing it right....

So what do the joints do on days they have a lot leftover?

Do some joints never run out and some sort of reserve that they reheat on busy days?

How is all this meat held when its pulled off the pit and could be a while till its sold?
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