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I make biltong (south african dried meat)

It is only made in winter ....

get some good cuts of beef steak (if you can afford ribeye, thats the best, and keep the fat on)

add salt, and fresh ground black pepper ...

in a pan, add some dry corriander seeds and shake the pan on moderate heat for a short while .... remove the coriander and crush, then add onto the meat

brush the meat liberally with a good balsamic vinegar on all sides, and place in a glass bowl overnight

next day, get a large cardboard box, add a sting from side to side and hand the meat pieces on the string

cover the opening of the box with a lace curtain or with a mosquito net (to keep out bugs)

place a fan in front of the box directed onto the meat, and in 3 days, you can start eating biltong

I keep it simple ....

some guys add BBQ spice and/or chilli powder etc .... you can also do thin sausage this way (in south africa, its called droe wors (dry sausage)
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