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Default Total Fail with Stubbs Charcoal

I cooked my first KCBS comp this weekend. Since KBB gets such a bad rap (I have no issues with it in my BWS Party), I decided to try a bag of Stubbs.

We loaded the basket up inn the Party and dumped about 10 lit coals (KBB) in the right front corner. The temp climbed to about 160 from the lit coals and then started falling like a rock. I opened all vents, exhaust, and turned on the Guru. For 30 minutes the temp continued to fall to about 120.

We decided to pull the basket out to see what was up. As soon as we removed the basket and set it on the ground, the entire pile of briquettes ignited with a very strange white, wispy flame and a nearly toxic smoke cloud. We quickly dumped the entire basket in a bucket of water.

After that scare, we loaded up with KBB and lit it with a Weber cube. Temp came up to 240 as usual in about 40 minutes.

I wouldn't touch Stubbs again if it was free. In fact we left the half full bag for the trash guy at the end of the comp, and they picked up everything except the Stubbs.
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