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Default Ribs and ABTs

Fired up the smoker today after. Decided to do some ribs and ABTs. Only my second time doing ribs and the last time they were a little chewy. Fired the WSM up with some RO lump, pecan and cherry chips at about 11:15 and got it up to 285 with thin blue about an hour later. Threw the rack on for 2.5 hours then wrapped with some homemade apricot IPA for another 1.25 hours. Unfoiled and put back in along with some ABTs for 30 minutes before hitting it with the first layer of sauce. Let them go for another 30 minutes then served them up. Pit ran between 275 and 300 all day which was right where I wanted it. I will go so far as to say the ribs were damn near perfect. The right amount of sauce, not too much bark, plenty tender but not quite fall of the bone. The only complaint was maybe a touch salty as I put a little salt on the ribs before my rub only to find that there was a lot of salt left in the bottom of my shaker. Definitely some good eats tonight.

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