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Originally Posted by thunter View Post
I have done a 3-2-1 before, but they were some pretty meaty beef ribs, so it does work ok. That being said, I had better success when I kept my temps low, 220-225 degrees, and just let them smoke without foil. I did mop them occasionally to keep them moist, and they turned out fabulous after a little over 5 hours. Since this is your first time, I would recommend doing them straight at lower temps, so you get a feel for how they cook. Then you can adjust your methods with foil, etc. on later cooks based on your straight-through cooking results.
Pretty much ditto for me. Most racks I get aren't super beefy so I just cook straight and sauce last hour of the cook. I generally cook 250-275 range so I can get them done in 3-4 hours but nothing wrong with a nice low and slow cook.
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