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Originally Posted by Tyrone1Wils View Post
Hi all, so I've attempted my first cook on the UDS this time I'm cooking some Ribs and a Fattie, as I want to see what the hype is about.

Started off by trimming the ribs a bit and took the skin and a bit of the fat off the top. Leaving me with this. Don't know how well the trimming went as this was a first

I then made up a batch of Memphis dust! Recipe from AmazingRibs.

All rubbed up!

I then made a fattie, here's the bacon weave.

Now the fattie rolled up with a bit of the rub from above dusted on top.

All looking goooooooood so far :D :D

Chucked the ribs on and left the fattie to chill before putting it on, as this is my first cook im was struggling to get my temps right. For the first 30 mins it was sitting at 225f then shot up to 275f. I think this was due to my intake. I left it a while and its been sitting at around 275-300f for the last 2 hours which is okay as I'm only doing ribs and a fattie, next time I'll probably be cooking a pork butt so will try and control the temps and get it down to 225f ish.

At the 1 1/2 hour mark I took the ribs out to have a check, they looked and smelled amazing but not enough bark on them for me yet so chucked them back in for a bit longer. Check em out below.

This is as far as I am ATM and ill update as I get more pics.
Great cook!
Don't kill yourself trying for 225...I'd just let your cooker settle in where it wants and adjust your cook time. Pod butt will hold for a long time double wrapped in foil, and towels in a cooler, and comes out great at just about any temp.
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