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Default (Pinto) Beans

Tonight I had a brisket over at my parents. Mom cooked it in the oven, but still pretty darn good. Yes oven, but very much ala Emeril. Of course we had pinto beans with it. I got to thinkin....

I recall a thread from years past where someone responded to cooking beans with something along the lines of "cut the lid off the can and heat them up, what difference does it make?" I always chuckle to myself on that one.....

My wife is a farm girl and a phenominal cook. However, being from Minnesota, she (and her family) had never eaten or seen pinto beans. Then, the other day, my yankee neighbor mentioned he had never eaten pinto beans. Then he said he would have to pick up a can. EEEE GADS!!!!

So, I thought my little contribution to the Brethren would be to encourage each of you to try making a pot.

There are many variations of cooking pinto beans (some major, some minor), but they all follow a similar path: use dry beans, slow cook them in water, always thrown in a hunk of raw salt pork, add garlic. The various methods include whether or not to soak them first, whether or not to doctor them up, and whether or not to boil them at some point. These issues and others spark serious debate in the SW United States.

Anywho, at supper tonight we were all talking about how baked beans are OK, but just don't cut it for us country boy Okies. Rather, for BBQ and fried catfish, pinto beans must always be served.

I know I know, it's a local cultural thing. I'm not saying better, just sharing the idea to our Northern Q'ers.


- LeeBo
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