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Originally Posted by billygbob View Post
What comment would you expect for an average/6? "It was average"? "It could have been better"? Are you looking for the judge to tell you how you should have cooked? Judges are instructed to not do that in comments.
Well, for one, I don't expect comment cards, I give them. A six is miles from a nine and the team deserves to know why I marked them down. Just telling them their six was "average" or their four was "poor" helps nobody. I tell them exactly what's wrong with it. Undercooked, overcooked, gray in color, etc.

Originally Posted by billygbob View Post
I see (way too many) judges finish scoring six entries in less than five minutes. I doubt more time between turn ins is going to change things for/from them.

Edited to add: I like that more Reps are requiring all judges to stay at the table until they are all done judging. Unfortunately, I haven't seen that make the "speed judges" take any more time actually judging the entries.
You say you haven't "seen" the speed judges take any more time judging their samples... I'm curious, are you one of those guys who lines up to watch the judges through a window or tent flap? Those guys creep me out! Honestly, you're as likely to get rid of poor judges as you are cooks who cheat. Ain't happening. The good judges (and there are far more of those than poor ones, in my experience) take the newbies under their wings and teach them how to judge right. The poor judges couldn't be bothered to teach anyone anything.
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