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Default First UDS - A Few Questions

Hello all. I have read through dozens of pages of this thread, but not all of them. So I apologize if I ask a question that has already been discussed.

1. I have a new drum that is plain steel on the inside, and a gloss finish on the outside. I need to remove the outside paint before applying high temp paint right? Has anyone used Rustoleum "Aircraft Remover"? It is a paint removing spray. A few videos show it working well.

2. Should I apply a high temp primer before the finish coat?

3. I've seen some pretty fancy UDSs. Where can I get high temp paint in colors other than black, brown and grey?

4. I see that some of you use stainless hardware. I have read that galvanized is bad. Is zinc-plated hardware OK?

22.5" Weber OTG, 22.5" Weber OTS, Dacor Dual-Burner Nat Gas, UDS (under construction)
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