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Originally Posted by hkcon View Post
I am smoking my first brisket as we speak, I am almost 3 hrs. in and I am at 179 degrees (8 lb.s after trim), I seem to be stalled out which suits me fine but I thought the stall would happen earlier and I am hoping my probe is either broken (joking) or that I have somehow inserted it badly and am getting a false reading? I am not a rookie I have been smoking for a couple of years now (I know I know and this is my first brisket...) I have had some trouble with this probe in the past butit was more of a technical thing. anyway I know this was a just let us know thing but if someone has time and they want to "mentor" me I would be very attentive and thankful LOL
best advice I can give is, ler her go, dont sweat it. doesnt really matter what the temp is when you hit the stall, every piece of meat is different. it will come out when its ready

have a beer or 3
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