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Found some matches.
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Took me a while to read it all but finally got through it and built one. Works great for such a simple system. Had a ECB and Walmart $99 sidebox both of which are junk. The sidebox takes so much tending and the ECB peters out after 5 hours. This thing seems like it will run for days on a basket of lump charcoal. I have about $40 invested and its worth every penny. Its great to be able to put meat on before bed and wake up in the morning to a delicious hunk of BBQ.
Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.
Oh heres a pic because of course no pictures means it didn't happen.
I have been inundated on this thread with all manner of "fancy" designs of UDS's, most out of my creative skill level, esp "team logo" smokers. I especially like this one because it pays homage to the original use of the barrel. There is a funky charm to it and for my money it is the essence of the Ugly Drum Smoker, a venerable workhorse re-purposed as a utilitarian piece of equipment still pulling its weight. Thanks for the post and pictures.

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