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When I sell things of quality I generally start with an asking price that is a little high and then allow perspective buyers talk me down to the actual sale price. If your smoker is in good condition and you paid $3200 for it then advertise it for 80% of it's original price or about $2550. When you advertise your cooker include the phrase "negotiable to a point" or "not firm" so that the buyer will feel like he has some haggling room but will also realize that you have no intention of giving your cooker away, this way you get only serious enquiries and the best possible used price on your pit. The fact is that you have a quality, high end cooker that you're selling and not an average back yard cooker. 1/4 inch steel and insulated fireboxes are not that common in the classifieds and you should get a decent asking price for it that is a bargain for a buyer over a "new" price but also giving you back more of your $3200 investment.
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