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Originally Posted by APL View Post
Thanks for such an amazing post and thread. I'm having the time of my life doing this, creating a true slice of country in an urban Center has been a dream and doing it for 2 months only. I have a kicka$$ team and created that pit custom to my specs with J&R and mounted on a 45' flatbed trailer. The coal generater was manufactured for me at my dear friend Nicole Davenport's ranch in Texas. All the pecan is from Texas as well. I sleep there 3 nights a week and live In An airstream behind the whole thing. We start the coal production each night at 1am. I welcome all of you and hope you do say hello. If I am able and not cutting, I would really like to show you guys around.
Regarding the price, it's a steal. Would be $30+ in a restaurant so please take advantage. Thanks to the awesomeness of the people at CAB, I'm able to charge what I do plus we cook 25% of our load for a different homeless shelter each night.
Cheers everyone and hope to see y'all soon.
That is so good of you to take the time to acknowledge our passionate addiction to our BBQ Gods Adam, thank you very much!
I personally would give my left nut to make it there from this remote Australian city and eat some of your glorious tucker.
In fact, I'll buy lottery tickets this week and come if I win enough, and make a donation!
I know, a financial penalty for the mathematically challenged, but hey, I am desperate!!
Very gracious of you to extend that warmth, but you have chosen the best site on the web and great people, BBQ people!
All the best Adam!

One day...
I'll judge you by your actions, not what others say about you, I'll judge them by that.
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