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I grew up in southern ca and our "bbq's" were the boil/sauced ribs and at the time i thought that was the thing!! Moved to NC and experienced true Q and now even to me the restaurant bbq is hit and miss i have a couple tried and true places. the last 3-4 years i have been getting into the real sitting back hanging out 6-10 hr smokes to make some good Q. When i started my own smoking i had no idea the difference between a butt and a ham i know i know..... in the last yr i think i have finally figured out the smoking thing and now having several people beggin me just about every weekend to bring them a smoked butt. its all about practice, dont let a failure stop you, you will have fails...... and its all about good times and good food...... i dont have a fancy smoker that cost me 1000's of dollars i have a char griller propane/charcoal and weber kettle cooker you get at lowes, and it has put out some of the best bbq i have and some of my friends have ever had.
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