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Originally Posted by twinsfan View Post
How are y'all? Haven't been around in a while.

Have any of you dry cured a ham before (country style)? Our family used to so I decided to pick up a 6 1/2 LB picnic (not a ham) yesterday for a quick Christmas ham. Apparently the flavor is out of bounds, a lot like prosciutto or ibierco/serrano. Rubbed down this morning with:

1 LB salt
2 oz Brown Sugar
1/4 oz Sodium Nitrate
2 tsp fine black pepper
1/2 tsp Cayenne

Smothered the picnic in the cure and put it in the fridge with ten pounds of weight as a press (probably not enough).

Anyone have any advice? I was planning to cure it for 30-45 days, wash/scrub it, cold smoke it for 2-3 days with cherry/hickory and then hang it up in my hay barn for 4 months or so. Anyone have a source for these kinda bags? Thinking of using the paint strainer bags at Lowe's..

Expecting delicious!
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