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Originally Posted by Outnumbered View Post
Candy, first I commend you for asking the question. I'm sure you realize the potential this has for going south in a hurry and I am hopeful people will keep that in mind and keep things respectful as they respond.

I would love to get comment cards, but in my 10 contests I have not received a single card. I would love to get them for the 6s, the 9s and even the 7s and 8s.

The thing that concerns me is it seems the judges are told if they score below a 6, they have to fill out a card. In my limited experience of judging 1 contest, it seems that judges won't score below a 6 because they can't or won't justify why they don't like something or even do.

I like the idea of having pre set comments on the card. That would provide the cooks a little more feedback, but also give the judges something to base their comments on while speeding up the process of commenting. If you could come up with a way to make that workable, they should be mandatory for every entry regardless of the score.
Almost like a judging "wizard". Just a few check boxes on a perforated pad.
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