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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Default Just Tried Adam Perry Lang's Short Ribs...

No, not a recipe - HIS shorties that he cooked himself!

Got a heads up from both Motoeric and buccs about APL's pop-up BBQ Restaurant he's doing behind Jimmy Kimmel's studio in Hollywood, so I hauled arse over there today.

Overhead view from the parking garage next door.

APL and his Horizon

I'm assuming one of his pitfolk - and an Oyler


I was the first one there today, dude is still getting ready!

Drooling right about now...

He's a cool dude. We shot the chit a little bit - very nice guy. He's giving me a little snack while the lovely ladies put lunch in the box. No I didn't take pix of the lovely ladies - I know -

A little pecan wood.

This is where he burns down pecan into charcoal.

Practicing what he preaches with the fluer de sel on the cutting board.

This pic doesn't even vaguely do the box justice. I was about out of my mind to eat this thing so I just kinda buzzed the phone camera past it and got down to eating. Sorry about the bad pic. I was hesitant to put it up, but I figured it'd be good to give an idea of what I got rather than blueball everybody.

It was farking delicious. I work with an egghead and he about lost his mind as well. There are a couple nice young ladies from Texas who work with me - I gave them samples and they also lost their minds. We're all going next week.

It was perfectly cooked - the meat, the bark, everything. A tiny little bit of sweet there which I actually really liked. The pickles and onions were perfect, smoke was perfect - everything about this was farking awesome. I will be going there a lot until it closes on Sept. 5.

Definitely not cheap, but they're raising money for charity. It's a rare opportunit, and it's farking delicious anyway, so I ain't gonna biatch about the price ($23). I have no problem paying that for a lunch cooked by APL himself - while he's shooting the chit with you no less - especially when part of the proceeds are going to feed the homeless.

It was a great experience and I had half a mind to blow off the rest of the day of work and hang out - and APL strikes me as the type of dude who'd be cool with that.

This is a very good thing that's happening IMO and I would suggest every Brethren in the area make the effort to check this out. Here's an article.
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