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IMHO good bbq starts when the meat does not need a sauce on it to be edible. When you eat a plain piece of meat from a smoker that is moist, tender and flavorful on its own right, then you have started your venture away from the "bbq" that your neighbors enjoy to truly good q. From there you can start to understand what great bbq would be in that it would take those qualities of meat (flavor, tenderness, moistness, etc.) to the ultimate level. For the novice, I would say the best route to experience good q is putting a boston butt on the smoker and following what you can learn here. Pulled pork off my UDS has been my guide to knowing what a cut of meat can truly be transformed into when given the sweet kiss of good smoke and heat and time. Great que undoubtedly comes from quers who have mastered those concepts among others.
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