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Originally Posted by tnfan47 View Post
I understand I'm able to grill a great product on my own grill. That doesn't mean I'm able to do it on every grill. I hate it when family or friends want me to grill/smoke at there place because they experienced an awesome steak or pork at my house. I would feel out of my element if I don't have my Akorn grill and my Maverick. Is it just me or do you get nervous cooking on a grill that's not yours?
I've cooked on gas and charcoal grills from $30 throw aways to $7,000 commercial units with the fire of the gods and everything in between in my history of doing my tailgate parties and backyard cooking. I am pretty confident in my skill to step in front of any pit that is functional as it is intended to be, ie no broken poorly maintained grills, and put out some good food. That is what makes a pitmaster. The only piece of equipment i feel i really want to have, other than utensils, is a thermapen, I even have a mini keychain one just in case.

To be honest, the only thing that would give me some hesitation would be long cooks with a stick burner as I don't have much experience with that method of live fire cooking. I plan to remedy that next summer with another new pit in that medium.
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