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Originally Posted by DawgPhan View Post
My point is that running the same data through the software is no way to confirm that the scores are actually correct, just that the system will act in the same manner consistently.

I am guessing that someone actually did the math by hand to confirm that the results from KCBScore are accurate, but you saying that KCBScore spits out the same results is VERY different than saying that it spits out the CORRECT scores.

So can you also confirm that the scores coming out of KCBScore are accurate and that has been verified by several different sources. Not just running the contest data back through KCBScore. Again, running the contest data through KCBScore multiple times DOES NOT confirm that the scores are accurate, only that KCBScore acts consistently. Which is a good thing and important, but it does not confirm the accuracy.

Also providing the method used to confirm the results were accurate would be great.

I know you aren't asking me but listening to the bod meeting, I heard that contests were ran through both BQWin and KCBSScore for testing its accuracy.

The bod decided at another time to release the new weighting scale when score was released. This kind of muddy's the water releasing these two changes at the same time considering how big of a change KCBSScore is but "it is what it is".
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