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Originally Posted by WvQ View Post
I posted the question about Myron Mixon's cookbook and got back nothing but negative, which is fine. My dilemma is that in my experience living in West Virginia people just aren't into smoking meats much, or Q in general. People cook hotdogs and hamburgers and steak, but that's about it. I live near a county of 100K people and I couldn't tell you the location of one BBQ joint. Good ribs are considered Chili's. I started cooking using cookbooks such as Low and Slow, and then moved onto Myron's, which I thought was better, but I guess I wonder now what good really is? I'm a lost West Virginia that needs to experience good Q! Anybody wanna help me out!
I would get to know It's a terrific site that is full of useful information on how to create low and slow cooking with the stuff you may have on hand, and the site won't call you a dummy for reading the articles. Great ideas for rubs, sauces, grill set-ups, grill/smoker reviews, etc.

The best smoker for the money, and some would say at any price, is the smoker you can build yourself out of a 55 gallon drum. You can coax smoke magic from that design - a set and forget model that doesn't require a lot of fiddling or a ton of experience. Google UDS plans or UDS build or UDS DIY to see how popular that design is.

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