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Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
Well I use a Whirley popcorn maker on and electric burner. It is an aluminum pot with a top flip up lid. It also has a wooden crank that you turn and it has a small wire inside the pot.
I use peanut oil and white kernel popcorn.
I then add a bit of salt and some melted butter to the mix and eat.
Seems that left over buttered popcorn tastes much better then next day.
No special additions for us. I always considered a slight dusting of cayanne pepper but have not tried it.
This was the firehouse recipe that we used forever at work as well as what my kids loved at home........Simple but danged good my kids told me.
Have the same. Love it.

I use whatever cooking oils around and usually straight up Orville popcorn. Butter and salt. Great every time.

Love bbq rub on popcorn but never sticks well. Any tips beyond dousing w butter? I'm sure someone will say mustard.
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