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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
A Chuck roast aint a Brisket don't try & cook it like one. It takes along time at an even temp once it gets above 200 for it to break down all the collagen. This only reinforces the I pulled at at this temp don't work. Cook it untill it is probe tender on you can take a Fork and push it in and give it a twist and coma away will pulled beef.

YOU CAN NOT COOK GREAT BBQ ON A CONSISTENT BASIS BY COOKING TO AN INTERNAL TEMPERATURE OR BY TIME ( XXX MIN PER LB) YOU MUST COOK BY FEEL! For Brisket it must pass the poke test(probe like soft butter in the thickest part of the Flat) Ribs pass the Bend Test, Pork Butts when the bone wiggles loose. These are the only reliable methods to ensure that your cook will be a success. There is one exception to these rules and that is Poultry which must achieve and internal temp of 170 deg in the thickest part of the thigh and 165 in the breast.


Thanks for pointing out the need to extend the time at the 200+ range for the collagen to break down/melt. I've read enough of your posts to know your feels on this subject, but I'll ask the question anyway...Are you talking about starting to probe after an hour at 200+ or 3 hours at 200+? In other words when do you start probing?
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