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Originally Posted by Vince RnQ View Post
Candy, the greater issue is that there were scoring/calculation errors and that has now created doubt as to whether there are accuracy issues within the scoring program itself or if it was due to operator/input error. We are all certainly aware that mistakes will happen due to human error and we all know the GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) principle. We also know that KCBS will correct those problems including corrections to monies being properly distributed should that be necessary.

However, we also all want to be confident that the calculations being made within the program itself are correct and accurate. That is the question that most are likely to have after reading of the problems at the Glasgow event.

I don't care to know all the details of what happend at Glasgow and don't expect you to spell them out for us. But, I do expect that if the problems at Glasgow were due to issues with the scoring program itself and not operator/input error, that you would address that matter publicly and in detail.
The Glasgow issue was not an issue with KCBScore. The contest has been re-entered multiple times, results as posted have been duplicated exactly. The program has integrity, it works as expected. If there were issues with KCBScore, I would say so. I have confidence that what happened at Glasgow was an aberration and steps are in place to rectify same going forward.
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